Australian Property Options

We provide property options in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria. We concentrate on where and what the “Rental” market requires. This specialist attention and research involves locating investment properties close to CBD and Metropolitan areas. Research has found these locations traditionally achieve a more consistent capital growth and a greater number of prospective tenants.

Investment property options

Australian Property Options tend to concentrate on new property as this generally attracts a higher rental income than older property does. Additionally, with older properties, you inherit whatever problems or issues they have; such as with electrical wiring, plumbing, roof/guttering, rot and insect infestations. These can result from inadequate maintenance or even lower building code standards from earlier eras and so on.

New property has lower maintenance costs, and attractive tax deductions at a time when you need them the most.

Where a potential investor is time poor, this system offers investment data that might otherwise be missed. This research data will give confidence for the investor to move to the next step.

With a chronic shortage of homes, there are always up-and-coming areas that create long-term investment opportunities in all 3 states. We can provide the data that will isolate and present any new area to additionally consider - thus saving time and uncertainty for you.

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